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Breda. [Dutch cities]

Total number of photos in this album: 18

Stats of all 18 photos in this album:
- Grand total views: 15.623, average: 868
- Grand total faves: 86, average: 5
- Grand total comments: 8, average: 0,44

Stats of the last 18 photos in this album:
- Total view count: 15.623, average: 868
- Total faves count: 86, average: 5
- Total comments count: 8, average: 0,44

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breda, nederland, thenetherlands, animal, balcony, balkon, bird, city, dier, duif, pidgeon, pigeon, stad, tam, tame, vogel, abandoned, chair, eenzaam, field, geduld, geduldig, gras, grass, grassfield, grassplot, grasveld, green, indesteekgelaten, lawn, lonely, patience, patient, solitary, stoel, veld, verlaten, wachten, waiting, architecture, innercity, architectuur, binnenstad